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Chicago Bears Playoff Scenarios: 3 Potential Opponents Still in Play

The Bears could face a division rival, the defending Super Bowl champs, or the Seahawks in the first round

The Chicago Bears still don’t know who they’re going to face in their playoff opener at Soldier Field, or even which weekend that game will be, and there are still a wide variety of scenarios that could play out.

As things stand now, the Bears are the third seed in the NFC, and would have to play on Wild Card weekend at Soldier Field. They still could jump up to the second seed, but they would need help to do so as the Los Angeles Rams would have to lose to the San Francisco 49ers, and the Bears would have to beat the Minnesota Vikings, to make that happen.

Assuming that the Bears end up in the third seed, here are their potential playoff opponents:

The Bears Would Play the Vikings If:

-The Vikings beat the Bears and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals


-The Bears beat the Vikings and the Eagles lose to the Redskins

 The Bears Would Play the Seahawks If:

-The Vikings beat the Bears and the Seahawks lose to the Cardinals

The Bears Would Play the Eagles If:

-The Bears beat the Vikings and the Eagles beat the Redskins

All of the potential games that could impact the Bears’ playoff opponent will take place at 3:25 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, with the Bears visiting the Vikings, the Seahawks hosting the Cardinals, the Eagles heading to Washington to take on the Redskins, and the Rams hosting the 49ers.

The Bears can finish in no worse than the third seed, but could jump to second if they win and LA loses. In that scenario, the Bears would host the winner of the game between the Rams and their first round opponent.  

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