Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack Ranks as One of NFL's Top-Selling Jerseys

Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack has made a habit of dominating opposing offenses this season, and he had a great season in another way too. 

Mack, who had 12.5 sacks this season for the Bears, ended up with the league’s second-best selling jersey this season, the NFL announced this week. Mack’s number 52 jersey flew off of store shelves after he was traded to the Bears in September, and it catapulted him all the way to the top of the NFC heap in that category.

Unfortunately for Mack, one player beat him in the rankings, as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took home top honors as the best-selling jersey in the league.

Many Chicagoans claim to be the ultimate Bears fans but very few can compete with the Plainfield man known as Bearman! NBC 5’s Ash-har Quraishi spent the afternoon with the man who hopes to be inducted in the Hall of Fans.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, and Giants running back Saquon Barkley rounded out the top five.

For those looking for a Bears-Eagles connection, quarterback Carson Wentz finished in eighth place, giving the Bears an early win over their playoff opponent.  

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