Cutler Close to Breaking Bears Records

Considering the Bears are one of the most successful franchises in NFL history, it's always a bit surprising to see how historically bad the quarterbacks are. Erik Kramer, Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman top the Bears individual season records for passing, which gives you an idea how bleak it's been.

But now, the Bears have a franchise quarterback who has made his way up the record books, and Cutler has a chance to make a move into the Bears career record book in the 2012 season.

Perhaps it's because of Cutler's prowess, or it's because the Bears have been so bad at QB, or it's a mixture of the two. But after three seasons in Chicago, Cutler is in good position to get into the top five of Bears' all-time passers.

Cutler has passed for 9,259 yards in a Bears uniform, which puts him seventh on the list. If he gets 2,308 yards, he'll jump over Ed Brown, Bill Wade, Erik Kramer, and Jim McMahon to unseat Jim Harbaugh to become the Bears second-most productive passer of all time -- in four seasons.

If the addition of Brandon Marshall truly works for Cutler and he picks up 5,427 yards in 2012, he will pass Sid Luckman to become the best Bears passer of all time.

An NFL quarterback has only passed for more than 5,400 yards in once. Drew Brees threw for 5,476 in 2011, but it would take a miracle at offensive line for Cutler to not just pass Luckman, but also catapult into the NFL's best quarterbacks of all-time. Sid is likely safe for one more season.

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