Webb Reacts to Performance in First Preseason Game

Left tackle J'Marcus Webb seems to understand why he was kept in Thursday night's preseason game for so long.

"It's definitely a sign that we need to work on some things. I also need to work on understanding what we're here to do, and that is to be explosive," he said after the game.

Webb was on the field for nearly all of the Bears' plays Thursday, which is unusual for a starter in a preseason game.

He said he didn't expect to play as much as he did.

"Not at all, but if Coach [Tim] Holt or Coach [Mike] Tice needs me in there that long, then I'm all for it," he said.

It seems apparent that Webb is being tested, and that he's at risk of losing his starting position.

The Bears lost to Broncos, 31-3.


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