Chicago Bears

NFL Explains Controversial Ruling on Anthony Miller Non-Catch

The play was ultimately ruled a catch, but the incomplete call stood because of an NFL rule

The Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles are engaged in a defensive struggle at Soldier Field Sunday, and one play is causing plenty of stir on social media.

On the play, Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller grabbed a pass from Mitchell Trubisky late in the first half, but the play was ruled an incomplete pass.

The officials later reviewed the play:

The play appeared to be a catch and a fumble by Miller, but because of an NFL rule, the play was wiped out when the official picked up the ball at the end of the sequence.

“Because he was not down by contact and there was no video evidence of a clear recovery or the ball going out of bounds, the ruling of incomplete stands,” the league said on social media.

The play ended up being a big one, as the Bears were forced to settle for a field goal instead of potentially having a short shot at the end zone.

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