Chicago Bears

Chicago Band Gives Up on Jay Cutler in Music Video

The band Firago's song parodies A Great Big World's "Say Something"

Disappointed Bears fans can now find solace in music. A local band has written a song exposing their feelings toward Jay Cutler, and it promises to strike a chord with many fans.

The Chicago band Firago posted a music video to YouTube entitled "Jay Cutler (I'm Giving Up on You)." The song is a Bears-centric parody of A Great Big World's "Say Something."

The song's chorus may ring true with many Bears fans of late: "Jay Cutler, I'm giving up on you. All of the millions we gave to you. To the ship I would have followed you. Jay Cutler, I'm giving up on you."

The band also gave advice in lyrical form to Bears General Manager Phil Emery: "Phil, swallow your pride. He's too overpaid. Please say goodbye."

The four-person band Firago, whose members describe themselves as "Chicago's dance-rock authority/Jay Cutler parody experts," counts themselves in as part of Cutler's disappointed fan base.

The song may be making light of a serious situation for the Bears, but who knows. Maybe this is the call Cutler needs to make a change.

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