Chicago Gets Back to Normal Post-NATO Summit

Lake Shore Drive, I-55 reopen

Workers who skipped their commute over the weekend to avoid NATO protests and Metra security restrictions headed back to Chicago Tuesday.

Multiple road closures and restrictions on trains kept a lot of people away from the city, especially Friday and Monday. As the first few trains pulled into Union Station Tuesday, commuters said their ride was thankfully normal.

"I watched it like everybody else on TV," said Mike Thompson, whose company was closed for the summit. "I think the police did an excellent job with the protesters. What I feel is it's a shame the average everyday person who just wants to earn a living had to lose money to watch people throw stuff at the police."

Restrictions were lifted Tuesday, making coffee and food fair game again for commuters.

"It's been difficult getting back and forth from work," said Bob Lunney. "I'm glad they had a good time in Chicago, I'm glad they're going home to see their loved ones."

The drive into Chicago also is expected to be better than the past weekend.

Lake Shore Drive, the stretch of I-55 from the Dan Ryan to Lake Shore Drive and roads around McCormick Place all reopened since NATO dignitaries and NATO protesters left Chicago Monday evening.

Leo Pinela, who worked during the NATO Summit, said all of the security measures changed his commute.

"I've been driving actually, that was my first time on the train. Driving here was pretty easy."

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