Chicago Forecast

Chicago Area to See Final Day of Warmth Before Chill of Fall Returns to Region

The Chicago area will get one more taste of warm and sunny weather on Wednesday, but some big changes are on the way as fall’s chill will return with a vengeance to end the work week.

According to current forecast models, the region will see temperatures climb into the mid-to-upper 70s on Wednesday, but as the evening hours approach, a cold front will slowly begin to exert its influence on the area, bringing with it cooler temperatures and rainy conditions.

That rain is expected to stick around the area through at least Thursday morning, and once it departs winds will continue to blow out of the north-northwest behind the cold front. That will force cooler air into the area, bringing with it below-average temperatures and breezy conditions.

High temperatures Thursday are only expected to climb into the mid-to-upper 50s in most locations, and things will stay that way on Friday and Saturday as well.

Another disturbance could potentially impact the area Sunday, bringing with it even cooler temperatures as we enter a new work week.

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