Chicago-area Target stores allow shoppers to add Starbucks to drive-up orders

Rafael Henrique | SOPA Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Chicago-area Target stores will be among the first in the nation to offer customers the chance to add their favorite Starbucks items to their drive-up orders in coming weeks.

The program, called “Drive Up with Starbucks,” will allow customers who are placing drive-up orders at participating Target retailers to order drinks and food within the Target app, and then have their complete order delivered to their vehicle when they arrive at the store.

 “Our guests have long told us drive-up is a game-changer, adding convenience to their daily life, especially when they’re short on time,” Target’s Chief Stores Officer Mark Schindele said in a statement. “We’ve continued listening to our guests, who’ve told us overwhelmingly that drive-up with Starbucks would bring even more ease and joy to every Target run.”

According to the company, Chicago-area Target stores will be among the first in the country to offer this add-on service. Only Target stores that offer drive-up ordering, and that have Starbucks locations within the stores, will participate, according to officials.

More than 1,700 stores across the U.S. have Starbucks locations inside, according to officials.

Customers who are placing drive-up orders within the Target app will be asked if they want to add drinks or food to their orders, according to the company. Once the customer arrives at the store, their freshly-prepared items, along with their Target orders, will be delivered to their vehicle.

More information can be found on the company’s website.

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