Chicago-Area Communities Rack Up Impressive Rainfall Totals

Some areas of McHenry County got over five inches of rain over a 24 hour period

Numerous cities around the area experienced heavy rains over the Labor Day weekend, racking up some impressive rainfall totals.

The rains, which are expected to continue on Sunday as more storms develop, have especially hit McHenry County hard, as at least three cities in the county experienced rains of two or more inches.

Marengo was hardest hit, registering a staggering 5.14 inches of rain from Saturday morning through the early hours of Sunday. Woodstock also dealt with plenty of wet weather, with totals of over four inches reported by the National Weather Service.

Here are more of the highest rain totals in the area over the last 24 hours:

Roscoe – 2.89 inches

McHenry – 2.30 inches

Mundelein – 2.24 inches

Rockford – 2.10 inches

Wheeling – 1.47 inches

Elgin – 1.21 inches

More storms are expected to develop in the early evening hours Sunday, with locally heavy rains and plenty of lightning possible. Some hail and high winds could also develop with the storms.

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