Chicago Area Man Will Make 200th Blood Donation Next Week

Donating blood plasma in Moscow
Vladimir Gerdo/ Getty Image

After 35 years of giving, an Evanston man will make his 200th blood donation in the Chicago area next week.

Dan Kaberon will make the milestone donation Monday, May 10 at Vitalant Evanston Donation Center, located at 2436 Main Street. The process will likely take a hour and a half, according to a release.

“Everyone tells me I have good veins, so the donation is easy. I’m glad I can help others,” Kaberon said.  He passes the time by watching classic movies like Hitchcock thrillers. “This is me time.  I can watch whatever I choose.”

Kaberon started donating blood while in college in 1986 in Skokie. Since his first donation, he's switched to platelet donation, which is an automated procedure that removed the platelets but returns other components.

The process of donating platelets can be done 24 times a year, according to a release, and especially helps those doing through chemotherapy, trauma and surgical patients.

“Donating whole blood is so easy and takes less than an hour," Kaberon said. "That’s less time than watching a TV sitcom. It’s giving so little to help someone live.”

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