Chicago-Area Man Faces Deportation as Daughter Battles Leukemia

"I need his support,” his wife pleaded

A man is facing deportation following an arrest by Cicero police back in May after he was allegedly found sleeping inside his car alongside opened bottles of alcohol.

Cristian Ávalos is the breadwinner of the family, according to his wife Nora Elizabeth Quiñones, and currently remains detained at an immigration center and is believed to face deportation any time soon.

“Let him out…my husband, be human, they are American citizens and they need their father, and she the most,” the wife said regarding her daughters, specifically her 18-month-old who was diagnosed with leukemia.

Quiñones went to the ICE offices Wednesday to plead with agents.

After Ávalos was arrested in May, a hunger strike came about but was unsuccessful and resulted in the hospitalization of his wife.

Now, Quiñones says that what’s most important to her is the future of her family and her daughter who remains sick.

“A treatment for my daughter costs $800 and right now, well I’m not working, and even less so now will I be able to work, everything is delayed, my rent is delayed, my bills delayed, everything is delayed, I need his support,” she said.

According to immigration agents, the 36-year-old father had previously been deported.

“Ávalos-Guerrero was previously deported in 2013,” ICE spokesman Nicole Alberico said in a statement. “He has a criminal conviction for assaulting a police officer and a FUI conviction in Illinois’ Will County. He remains under ICE custody, pending deportation process.”

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