Chicago Area Heats Up This Week

Heat index could reach 100 on Tuesday

Your air conditioner is going to be working overtime this week.

A warm weekend is making way for a hot work week, with temperatures topping out at around 92 degrees on Monday. Thankfully, it won't be terribly sticky, with moderate humidity making it feel like it's 95 degrees.

Things will get a tad more uncomfortable on Tuesday, with a high of 94 and a heat index of 100.

Temperatures will hover in the high 80s for the rest of the week, meteorologist Andy Avalos says.

The next chance of rain looks to be Thursday night and Friday and Saturday, but those chances are spotty at best.

The hot weather prompted Waukegan Public Schools to implement an abbreviated Heat Schedule for Monday and Tuesday. The school day will be shortened between 28 and 50 minutes, with classes starting and letting out earlier so that students aren't dismissed during what is usually the warmest part of the day.

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