Forecast: Severe Weather Possible Throughout Weekend

After a chilly Friday, temperatures rapidly warmed up across the Chicago-area on Saturday, but that sunshine and summer-like warmth shortly came to an end as severe weather was expected to descend. 

Unfortunately for residents, the sunshine and warmth did not last very long. In the mid-afternoon hours, a chance for isolated thunderstorms creeped into the forecast, and as the day wore on, that threat only increased as Chicago buckled down for the first of several waves of rain and thunderstorms.

Severe weather saw possible throughout the evening and into the overnight hours on Saturday, with damaging winds and large hail possible with the thunderstorms. The storms will come in several waves through that time, with potentially heavy downpours also possible along with hail and high winds.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to remain warm and humidity will remain high as the chance for thunderstorms persists. That possibility will linger into the early afternoon when a cold front, currently pushing slowly across the Great Plains, finally moves through the area, bringing calmer weather and cooler temperatures to the region.

Temperatures will once again drop below average on Monday, with highs expected to land around 60 degrees in Chicago.

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