Chicago Area Commuters Brace for Bone-Chilling Forecast

Both the CTA and Metra report no problems yet for the Thursday morning commute

As record-breaking cold settles on the Chicago area, commuters brace for chilly wait times and weather-related schedule changes.

Both the CTA and Metra report no problems with the morning commute Thursday, but Metra said it will be idling its locomotives longer and keeping extra people on hand just in case problems arise Wednesday evening.

For taxi driver D.J. Ogundimi, problems began Wednesday afternoon when his car caught fire. The winter weather that caused the fire also put it out. Ogundimi said he used snow to extinguish the fire.

While some commuters wait at icy bus stops, others spend their entire commute outside, like longboarder Chris Chong.

"If you skate through the winter, you can pretend it's summertime. It's nothing," Chong said. "It's like a weight on you. You can take it off, it makes you stronger."

A Wind Chill Advisory is set to begin at 6 p.m. Wednesday night as temperatures reach the single digits and below. Wind chill temperatures could be as low as -30 degrees Thursday.

Commuters should allow extra time in extreme weather in case of delays or cold-related equipment problems.

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