Archdiocese of Chicago Announces Multiple School Closings

The Chicago Archdiocese has announced three of its schools will close.

Saint Agatha Catholic Academy, Saint Peter School and Seton Academy Transitions are all due to close at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Chicago Archdiocese Office cited Saint Agatha Catholic Academy’s low enrollment in its Early Childhood program as a reason for the school’s unsustainability.

The parochial school system said Saint Peter School’s declining enrollment and fiscal difficulties have made it “not self-sustainable operationally.”

Lastly, the Archdiocese said Seton Academy also suffered from “declining enrollment and fiscal difficulties in recent years.” Despite being warned about the risk of closure for the past two years,
"finances and enrollment have not improved.”

“The Archdiocese commends all of the dedicated leaders, faculty and staff of Saint Agatha Catholic Academy, Saint Peter School and Seton Academy for their tireless work to instill a rich Catholic identity into an academically excellent community,” the Archdiocese said in a statement.

“These schools have rich histories and wonderful stories. We will be celebrating the schools in the coming months and also keeping the schools’ memories and contributions alive even after the doors close," the Archdiocese said. "We will also work with affected families and parishes to find alternative ways for their children to continue their Catholic education. Please join us in praying for these school communities.”

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