2 Chicago Aldermen Oppose Move to Temporarily Stop Accepting Syrian Refugees

Aldermen insist Chicago must remain a sanctuary city for refugees

Two Chicago Aldermen are speaking out against a move to temporarily stop Syrian refugees from entering Illinois in wake of the Paris terror attacks. 

Ald. Ed Burke, 14th Ward, plans to introduce a resolution at Wednesday's Chicago City Council meeting reaffirming the city’s status as a “sanctuary city” for refugees.

The resolution is co-sponsored by Ald. Carlos Rosa.

Both aldermen are showing opposition to the Gov. Bruce Rauner’s stance on temporarily halting the acceptance of any more Syrian refugees in Illinois. Rauner is joining dozens of other governors who have taken that position.

It remains unclear if governors have the authority to deny entry to anyone granted federal asylum.

Rauner said he has concerns about Homeland Security’s screening process for allowing refugees to enter the U.S.

One of the Paris attackers had a Syrian passport, according to authorities.

The vote on the resolution is considered a symbolic move.

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