Chicago Accent Is the Least Attractive in the Country, Study Says

Is Chicago da worst?

It’s a legendary dialect, beloved by millions and hilarious enough to become a Saturday Night Live classic.

We’re talking about the Chicago accent, of course – but a new study revealed that Americans believe it to be the least attractive of all accents in the country.

A survey conducted by YouGov earlier this month found that just 2 percent of the 1216 adults surveyed thought Chicagoans had the most attractive accent.

Texas took top billing at 12 percent, with New York and Boston tied for second place at 7 percent apiece, according to YouGov. [[434324283, C]]

And while the Windy City may have an apparently unappealing dialect, the study found that it’s not seen as the strongest either.

Just 1 percent of respondents said the Chicago accent was the strongest in the country, while a whopping 23 percent said Boston took that crown.

Five percent of people said the Midwest in general has the strongest accent, while New Yorkers and Texans tied in that regard with 13 percent apiece.

Whatever. Hand us our gym shoes, we’ll just grab a pop and go. You wanna come with?

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