One-On-One With Rahm's Replacement

He's the White House Chief of Staff -- just steps from the Oval Office, brought in as the successful banker and attorney to give the Obama team a different image.

Bill Daley is also best friends with the man who held the pressure cooker White House job before him, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. According to Daley, the two speak occasionally, mainly due to their busy schedules.

"We kind of BS back and forth, I give advice, he gives advice. I've known Rahm for almost 25 years," Daley said in a rare one-on-one interview at the White House.

The youngest of the Daley clan says his brother, former Mayor Richard Daley, loved what he did.

"He loved being able to help people and I’ve never detected one regret for the decision he made," Daley said.

Daley has never run for political office, but has certainly has flirted with the idea. However, he says he's concentrating on getting through his White House tenure.

"I made a commitment to the president thru his re-election, which I’m confident he will do, and then my wife and I will return to Chicago," Daley said.

So is that when he'll consider a run?

"I’m just trying to get through day to day, I have no plans," Daley said.

He never said never.

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