Cheesehead No More: Packers Star Off the Dairy Bandwagon

The Green Bay Packers are a team associated with all things cheese, but one of the biggest stars in the team’s history is now off the dairy bandwagon.

That player is quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has tweaked his diet and no longer indulges in food items of the milk persuasion. The quarterback is looking to extend his NFL career by making dietary changes to keep him healthy, and cheese is off the menu for the signal-caller.

“I just wanted to get healthier,” Rodgers told ESPN. “I’ve done a lot of research and talked with Adam Korzun, our nutritionist, and some other friends around the league about how I can extend my career and how I can be and feel healthier.”

CBS Sports points out that both Drew Brees and Tom Brady avoid the cheese plate at parties, and both players are nearly 40 years old, an age that Rodgers hopes to be playing until.

Jay Cutler has never gone on record about whether or not he is on Team Tregonwell, but he did receive a cheese-related gift when he and Kristin Cavallari were engaged back in 2011: a cheese slate and a hard cheese knife, given to the couple by a Packers fan

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