Chainsaw-Wielding Man Attacks Motorist After Crash in ‘Violent' Domestic Situation: Police

A man was in custody for allegedly attacking a motorist with a chainsaw after a car accident Monday in a northwest suburban parking lot, police confirmed.

Police responded to a crash at 559 West Golf Road in Arlington Heights about 1:12 p.m.

One man crashed his vehicle head-on into another and then got out and chased the other driver through a parking lot while wielding a chainsaw, police said.

The victim, a male, was injured, police confirmed, but his condition was unknown.

“We’re here investigating a domestic situation that turned violent,” Arlington Heights Deputy Police Chief Andrew Whowell said. “There’s no danger to the public or any other adjacent businesses here or any other employees.”

Cellphone footage of the scene shows a man strapped to a gurney being rushed away by paramedics while sirens blare in the parking lot.

A shoe, loose clothing and chainsaw could be seen on the blacktop of the lot cordoned off by yellow crime scene tape.

The victim was taken to Northwest Community Hospital.

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