Celebrating Black History: What Does it Mean to be African American?

Community leaders in Chicago take a moment to share their thoughts and inspirational life views

Celebrating Black History: Andrea Zopp

Andrea Zopp is a distinguished corporate and civic leader who has lead transformative change in the public and private sectors. She was appointed President and CEO of the Chicago Urban league in September 2010. The Chicago Urban League supports and advocates for economic, educational and social progress for African Americans.

Celebrating Black History: Xavier Ramey

Xavier Ramey is a man on a mission in the North Lawndale community. Born and raised in Chicago, Xavier as a graduate of DePaul University has given up the pursuits of a lucrative financial career for one digging in the trenches to build up a community of people that is sometimes all but forgotten. His passion is great for the work and he has a vision for the future. He is a rising star in the African American community.

Celebrating Black History: Regina Taylor

Regina Taylor is a self described nomad who has decided to plant herself firmly into the fabric of Chicago. Her passion for the arts shines, in every word she has written as a playright and ever character she has played as an actress. She shares from her life, why she is in Chicago and why creativity is not just an expression but also an important survival tool.

Celebrating Black History: Tyronne Stoudemire

Tyronne Stoudemire is a man of influence with a strong faith in the human spirit. He is an advocate for community, the arts and human rights. He has risen through the corporate ranks with hard work and dedication and is now the Principal, Senior Diversity Consultant at Mercer.
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