CDC Releases Guidelines for Thanksgiving, Says Gatherings Should Be ‘Small'

The CDC ranked traditional Thanksgiving activities from "low risk" to "high risk."

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As the holiday season quickly approaches, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines Monday for Thanksgiving.

Similar to the Halloween guidelines, the CDC ranked traditional Thanksgiving activities from "low risk" to "high risk."

Having a "small dinner" with only people in the same household, delivering food to neighbors and participating in a virtual dinner were all in the CDC's low risk category.

Online shopping on Black Friday and watching sports and parades from home were also considered "low risk," according to health officials.

The CDC ranked having a "small outdoor dinner" with friends and family in the moderate risk category, along with visiting pumpkin patches and attending small outdoor sports events.

Activities such as going shopping in crowded stores, participating in a crowded race, attending crowded parades and attending large gatherings were considered "high risk."

Health officials warned against traveling amid the coronavirus if possible, but to follow CDC guidelines if the travel is necessary.

The CDC advised people participating in Thanksgiving events that using alcohol or drugs could cloud judgement, likely leading to risky behaviors.

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