Chicago-Area Mom Pushes for Legalization of Marijuana Extract

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, has shown promise in studies to help treat people who live with epilepsy

A Chicago-area mother is among those pushing for a change in federal law that would decriminalize a key ingredient in cannabis.

Lisa Weiss is a member of the organization "Coalition for Access Now" which wants to legalize cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD. The chemical has shown promise in studies to help treat people who live with epilepsy.

CBD is legal in Illinois, but like medical marijuana, patients can't get it just yet. Even when they can, there will still be limitations because it isn't legal under federal law. And that poses a problem for Weiss and her 9-year-old daughter, Sophie, who has roughly 200 seizures each day. 

"I could go and get the CBD that I so desperately need for her, but then if I want to go travel to Disney for a vacation or to Indiana or any other state, as soon as I cross state lines I'm a drug trafficker," Weiss explained.

Illinois Rep. Bob Dold is among 18 members of Congress who support changing federal law. 

"CBD oil has the potential to relieve the pain of suffering families and save thousands of lives," Dold said. "No family should be forced to suffer the loss of a child when life-saving relief has already been found. This bill will ensure that not even one more kid suffers because the government is blocking access to this life-changing seizure prevention.”

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