Cat Named George Makes Progress In New Home

George was adopted through Clear the Shelters in August 2015 and continues to thrive

As a 20-plus-pound brown tabby, George fits the description of one sweet, big fluffy guy.

George came to the Anti-Cruelty Society in July 2015 before his adoption a month later during Clear the Shelters. Jessica Dalka had visited the shelter four or five times before deciding that George was the one for her.

“I wanted to adopt a little bit older cat,” Dalka said. “He seemed like he had a really great personality, he was a bit shy and he was huge.”

Dalka already had a cat name Jasmine and her boyfriend encouraged Dalka to get another cat.

“He was like ... 'With Clear the Shelters, you have no reason not to get a cat because it’s free,’" Dalka said.

George was 6-and-a-half years old at the time of his adoption and a year later continues to be as affectionate as the day he met his new owners.

George’s shyness, among other things, attracted Dalka to him.

“He took some time to warm up and now he sleeps next to me and snuggles,” Dalka said.

At first it took some time for Jasmine and George to get used to each other, but before Dalka new it they became quite playful with one another. They now even take naps together.

“It’s important to me that the animals feel safe and [I] don’t try to push them to be petted,” Dalka said.

George was able to be himself and learn the ropes on his own to be comfortable in his surroundings.

Dalka advises future pet owners to be open when looking for animals to adopt.

“Definitely make sure that you are open to the emotional state of your animal,” Dalka said. “They’re in a shelter because they don’t have a home and you don’t know the reason they don’t have a home. While they may not be your dream kitten, they have to adjust to [their] surroundings.”

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