Blago Case Will Only Get Worse

New indictment predicted

The criminal case against Rod Blagojevich is growing stronger by the day, the prosecutor who lead the impeachment trial against the former governor in the state senate says.

“The federal prosecutors right now are - the phrase they use is - flipping a bunch of people to testify against the governor,” David Ellis said on Thursday night at Bradley University.

Eventually, Ellis said, we'll see a new indictment chock of new goodies.

“It will add a lot more evidence against him - whole new things we haven’t heard about yet,” Ellis said, according to a GateHouse News Service report.

While Ellis, as chief counsel to Blago nemesis Michael Madigan, isn't exactly an uninterested source, he's also not the type to shoot his mouth off. And there is little dispute among legal observers that new charges will be added to the case.

But to hear a serious lawyer with his ear to the ground talk about it adds a counterweight to Blago's blather and bunny ranch boffo.

Perhaps most interesting among Ellis' observations is the fact that Blagojevich doesn't seem to be in any rush to get to trial. Of course, he doesn't even have a legal team together yet, but a slow pace to the proceedings suits prosecutors still expanding their case just fine.

“He’s probably figuring he’s going to lose that trial and go to prison,” Ellis said.

“Eventually, the judge will say, ‘Enough is enough, let’s go to trial.' I would predict 2011, maybe the end of 2010.”

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