Cars Damaged in Third Rock-Throwing Incident

Five cars on northbound I-57 near 147th street were damaged by rocks on Sunday evening

WDIV/Jason Colthrop

For the third time in just under a week, cars on an Illinois expressway have been damaged by having rocks thrown at them, this time on Interstate 57.

The latest incident of rock-throwing happened at around 8 p.m. Sunday, when five cars on northbound I-57 near 147th street were damaged. No one was injured and the cars sustained only minimal damage in the form of shattered windows, said Illinois State Police District Chicago Sgt. Juan Valenzuela, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

This is the third incident in a series of similar occurrences.

The first took place last week Wednesday on the Chicago Skyway. Two teens were arrested and charged with damaging several vehicles.

Despite those arrests, a second incident occurred Saturday night at around 10:30 on the Stevenson Expressway. Several drivers reported that their cars were hit by rocks while driving near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge on the northbound side of Interstate 55 between Pulaski Road and Kedzie Avenue.

At the time, Valenzuela couldn’t determine if the rocks had been thrown from the bridge, or if they had simply fallen on to the cars, but he did report that no one had been injured.

No one is in custody for the second or third incidents, and so far, though the cars have sustained some damage, no one has been injured.

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