Marathon Organizers Honor Top Fundraiser

When the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle kicks off on Sunday, it'll mark the start of the marathon season in Chicago, leading up to the granddaddy of them all in the fall: the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

But these races aren''t just about great athleticism.  They're also about raising money for charity. 

To reward those who raise the most, Bank of America created an award in honor of Mayor Daley and wife Maggie.

At a health and fitness expo at Navy Pier on Friday, Maggie Daley joined bank of America executives in presenting the first award to Carl Allegreti of Frankfurt.

"I'm so proud of people who do charitable things, because not one asked them to, they do it  because they feel the need and I'm in awe of that," said Chicago's First Lady.

Allegretti raised $81,000 dollars for Children's Memorial last year.  It's where his son, Joey, was treated for Leukemia four years ago.

"The award is outstanding, but like I said, I did it for children's memorial," said Allegretti. "When you are put in a situation where your son or daughter is ill and then four years later they are healthy, strong and enjoying life this is easy."

Runners raised a total of $12,000,000 last year.


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