Cards Against Humanity Opens First Storefront in Chicago – For Limited Time

Cards Against Humanity has opened up its first-ever storefront for Chicago fans – but not for long.

The hit card game opened a retail center in downtown Chicago at Block Thirty Seven, where it plans to sell exlcusive products, including “games, books and zines,” but only through Dec. 30.

The pop-up store, located on the third floor of the building at 108 N. State St., will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

“We’re a Chicago-based company that supports local design and gaming,” Lauren Gallagher, Cards Against Humanity’s lead designer, said in a statement. “This shop was our chance to combine these communities into one inviting space. We spent a lot of time building an amazing Chicago-themed store that we would want to shop at.” 

Shoppers can test out games or hang out in the store, officials said. 

The shop is part of Chicago Design Market's rotating pop-up stores, managed by the Chicago Design Museum. The store will include CAH products along with games and comics they sell through their shipping company "Blackbox." 

Cards Against Humanity has made serious waves in recent months with its plan to lure former President Barack Obama into becoming the company’s CEO and its threats to buy and publish the browser history of every member of Congress as a protest against the potential rollback of net neutrality protections. 

The company behind the wildly popular card game has also joined in an effort to legalize marijuana in Illinois.

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