Cardi B Weighs in on Reforms to Chicago’s System of Fees and Fines

"Wow it's little things like this that we forget to care about but really matters," the rapper wrote

Count rapper Cardi B among those supportive of a new plan to overhaul Chicago's method of collecting fines and fees.

The Grammy Award-winning artist posted on Instagram Thursday in support of the changes Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced earlier in the week, aimed at revamping the system of ticketing and debt collection that disproportionately affects the city's low-income neighborhoods.

Lightfoot announced Tuesday that she would introduce legislation focused on reforms like reducing city sticker penalties and tickets and ending drivers license suspensions for non-driving violations. [[512858982, C]]

The changes came following months of investigative reporting by WBEZ radio and ProPublica Illinois, which chronicled the nightmare for some residents as penalties snowballed and even forced bankruptcy in some cases, disproportionately impacting majority African-American neighborhoods.

Cardi B, who has previously dabbled in political conversation on her social media platforms, posted a screenshot of WBEZ's article and a caption calling the changes a "good idea." [[513248661, C]]

"Wow it's little things like this that we forget to care about but really matters," the rapper wrote, recalling when her dad was a cab driver and his license would be suspended over tickets.

"I can tell he used to be so sad and frustrated cause at times it was like he was just working to pay the tickets off or just sit his a** home doing nothing feeling useless till he get his license back," she continued, adding, "This is not only bout cab drivers this can relate to all !!!!"

Some of the reforms Lightfoot announced Tuesday include: capping late payment tickets at $250, stopping city sticker tickets from doubling from $200 to $400, reinstating a grace period, introducing a payment plan option and eliminating same-day ticketing.

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