Carcillo ‘Could Play' In Hawks-Wild Game 4

You just can't be outhit 34-13 as the Blackhawks were in Game 3 against the Wild and win in the playoffs.

Daniel Carcillo, the man the Hawks signed to be their enforcer two years ago, has been a healthy scratch so far this post season and it's not clear whether he will play Tuesday night.

Chicago head coach Joel Quenneville was coy Monday on whether Carcillo would play, and on Tuesday morning he left the door open. 

"He could play," Quenneville smiled. "He's one of those guys he brings energy to your team and enthusiasm. You want to make sure you're smart how you approach games." 

Carcillo admits he has struggled with unpredictable play this season but ensures he's been down this road before and knows what to do. 

"You don't want to hurt the team, but you need to play with emotion," he said. "You need to play on that line."

Carcillo signed a one-year deal in 2011 then agreed to a two-year extension last March for $825,000 a season. After suffering injuries, though, his production and minutes went down.

"That's the reason we play, is to play in big games like this," Carcillo said. "I enjoy it especially in the playoffs. I enjoy it more so than the regular season.  It would mean a lot to get a chance."

Where Carcillo would play is anyone's guess, though Quenneville could put him on the first line where Jonathan Toews and Brandon Saad are pointless through three games.

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