Luis Gutierrez

Candidates Scrambling to File Petitions Ahead of Deadline

The hours are ticking down as candidates are scrambling to get their last-minute petitions together for the 2018 election cycle.       

The deadline, scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday afternoon, has been made even more interesting with the late-breaking news that Rep. Luis Gutierrez was leaving Congress at the end of his term. Gutierrez, who has hinted at a presidential run in 2020, hasn’t pulled his petitions yet, but there are at least four candidates scrambling to get signatures as the race for his seat heats up.

Cook County board Commissioner Chuy Garcia, whom Gutierrez endorsed for the primary election, has endorsed 22nd Ward Ald. Ricardo Munoz to replace him on the board. A new development on Sunday perked up ears around the county, as Garcia’s Executive Assistant Alma Anaya will also be filing petitions for the spring election.

Munoz dismissed the rumors of a potential showdown with Anaya in the election, calling the move “an insurance policy.”

Munoz declined to elaborate on why Garcia would want two candidates that he would support filing for the same position.  

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