Canadiens Fan Gets Goaltender Gift at Blackhawks Game

Imagine your sports idol pointing you out in a crowd of thousands—in this case—during Sunday's Blackhawks game.

But when he tries to give you the game’s hockey puck— it doesn’t make it over the net.

That’s what happened to a seven-year-old north suburban boy.

Don’t get mad at messenger— but not all Chicagoans are Blackhawks fans.

What this seven-year-old hockey player and Canadian fan is— is one lucky guy.

When he thought he missed his chance at one souvenir— his idol gave him something even better.

Seven-year-old Harry Bodzewski of Barrington is quite the hockey goalie.

"I was 3 when I started," he said.

Hockey memorabilia of his favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens, decorate his bedroom.

His hockey mask reveals his favorite player—number 31--Carey Price.

"I want to impress people with saves how he impressed me with saves," Harry said.

And it was that puck- Harry and his father Jeff wanted at Sunday night’s game—to add to his collection.

Making a sign— hoping to catch price’s attention- wearing his lucky helmet and all.

"This man had just played his heart out for 60 minutes and one of the first things he does after the game is look right at Harry," Jeff Bodzewski said.

When it seemed luck had run out after Price had trouble getting the puck through the mesh netting in place to protect the crowd.

“But I got something better,” Harry said.

Price—Harry's idol—explains the rest.

"(I) talked to their people and they gave them the stick," Price explained. "I appreciate the kid coming to Chicago to cheer us on."

Something better— now on his shelf at home.

"It says 31, his number," Harry said.

And it’s worth more way more than memorabilia.

"Hopefully what it shows him the most is that you can be one of the best players in the world and still have a heart and still look out for fans," Jeff said.

The Canadiens did win that game.

But Harry and his father say— that didn’t even matter.

It was a lesson learned for a young fan that want’s to follow in his idol’s footsteps.

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