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Campaign Round-Up: Dem. Group Envisions Rauner, Trump at ‘Dinner'

Ward Room's Campaign Round-Up is a weekly column dedicated to keeping you in the know about the upcoming 2016 elections. Check the Ward Room blog for continued coverage.

Ward Room's Campaign Round-Up is a weekly column dedicated to keeping you in the know about the upcoming 2016 elections. Check the Ward Room blog for continued coverage.

This week, Democratic super PAC, Leading Illinois for Tomorrow, released a new ad tying Gov. Bruce Rauner to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Bruce Rauner, Donald Trump and Illinois Republicans help themselves while they take away funding for education and public safety,” the ad’s narrator says. “Illinois has real problems, but the Trump-Rauner Republicans are making it worse.”

The 30-second spot shows actors portraying Rauner and Trump stealing food from patrons at Bucktown's Club Lucky restaurant and then skipping out on the check after dinner.

“Democrats have a real plan that continues President Obama’s priorities and won’t let Trump and the Rauner Republicans take whatever they want,” the narrator adds.

Since Oct. 11, LIFT has spent over $3 million on three ads, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet reports. Two of those ads link Rauner to Trump. Earlier this month, state Sen. Daniel Biss, who serves as LIFT’s chairman, explained the group’s motivation.

“The purpose of LIFT is to explain the stark choice voters will be presented with this fall,” Biss said in a statement. “Illinois has serious problems, but Rauner and the Republicans are making them worse.”

Rauner has repeatedly said he is staying out of the presidential race. After being asked about Trump earlier this month, Rauner told the Sun-Times he’s “not endorsing him.” The governor's office did not immediately respond to Ward Room's request for comment on this story.

U.S. Senate

Dates for the final U.S. Senate debates between incumbent Republican Mark Kirk and Rep. Tammy Duckworth have been set, according to the Chicago Tribune. The candidates will first square off at the University of Illinois at Springfield on Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. The final debate is set for Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.

10th Congressional District

Rep. Bob Dold released a new campaign ad Monday highlighting his commitment to helping a young epileptic girl gain access to CBD oil, which is derived from a cannabinoid found in cannabis.

The ad is named after Sophie Weiss, a young girl from Round Lake who was suffering over 500 seizures a day. Sophie’s mother, Lisa Weiss, was unhappy with the side effects her daughter suffered from prescription drugs and wanted to instead give Sophie CBD oil. However, federal law made it impossible for Lisa to access the oil in Illinois. So her mother turned to Dold.

“Bob told us he was going to help with the federal investigation,” Weiss says in the ad. “It wasn’t an empty promise. He stood behind us.”

Dold worked to ensure access to CBD treatments and, as a result, Sophie is able to go to school, play with friends and engage in conversations.

“When we needed him, Bob Dold was there.” Weiss said. “I almost always vote a Democratic ticket, but I’ll be voting for Bob Dold.”

Notable Contributions

-House Speaker Michael Madigan reported nearly $198,000 in contributions Tuesday. Additionally, the Democratic majority fund, which Madigan controls, reported $101,400 in contributions Tuesday. On Monday, the Madigan-controlled Democratic Party of Illinois fund reported $45,600 in contributions.

-Campaign finance reports covering July through September were due Monday, according to the Chicago Tribune. Here’s a look at some of the recent filings:

--House Speaker Michael Madigan has $9.4 million on hand from four combined political funds.

--Gov. Bruce Rauner has $5 million on hand. He raised $5 million in Quarter 3 and has spent $15 million.

--Mayor Rahm Emanuel has $670,000 on hand. He raised $425,000 in Quarter 3.

--Attorney General Lisa Madigan has $2.4 million on hand. She raised $330,000 in Quarter 3.

--Secretary of State Jesse White has $421,000 on hand. He raised $32,000 in Quarter 3.

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