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Calumet Heights Woman Welcomed Home After Beating Coronavirus

Angie Samuel's family was told she only had minutes to live, but after three months she finally made it home

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Each one of the cars in the parade that welcomed home Angie Samuel on Friday represented countless prayers.

The resident of Chicago's Calumet Heights neighborhood on the city's South Side finally made it home after three hard months battling the coronavirus.

“I was in a hospital since March 20th, and I was in a coma for 10 days," Samuel recalled. "I was on a ventilator, and now I’m breathing on my own. My kidneys failed, I was on dialysis. Now I don’t need that. My kidneys are working, my lungs, everything. I just got to get my strength and endurance.”

Much of the strength she’s using right now is her faith.

“God bless you!" a woman shouted from a passing car. "We love you, Angie!”

Samuel spent weeks at several hospitals and undergoing rehabilitation to get to this point.

“Rush told me that she had minutes to live, " said Pamela Samuel, Angie's sister. "...We just cried and prayed every day. Every day that he would bring her back to us and he did.”

Samuel’s mother, Ruby, was overwhelmed by the support and love shown to her daughter as people drove along 87th Street in Calumet Heights.

“It feels like being born all over again in spirit,” Samuel's mother said.

What is Samuel most looking forward to now that’s she’s home?

“Get a home cooked meal and lay in my own bed!” she exclaimed.

 Ask anyone in attendance, she deserves that and so much more.

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