Call Me Maybe: Jimmy Butler Shares Phone Number at Press Conference

The Minnesota Timberwolves introduced Jimmy Butler to fans in the Twin Cities on Thursday morning, and the new star of the team quickly made waves during his first press conference.

When he was talking about the opinions that have flown around since he was traded by the Chicago Bulls last week, Butler had a very simple message: if you want to tell me how you feel, my phone is always open.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” he said. “My phone’s in my back pocket, whoever has anything to say to me feel free to call me.”

Naturally, the internet blew up with the suggestion of calling Butler, who provided his number, and numerous users shared screenshots of their interactions with the superstar player.

Butler was traded to the Timberwolves last week in a blockbuster trade. In exchange, the Timberwolves sent Kris Dunn, Zachary LaVine, and the seventh overall pick in the NBA Draft to the Bulls.

The trade has reunited Butler with his first NBA coach, as Tom Thibodeau will get to once again team up with one of the best players that he coached during his time with the Bulls.

“Thibs has molded me into the player that I am today. He gets a lot of that credit,” Butler said. “When I came into this league as a kid, I did not know what I was getting myself into, and Thibs let me know that you have to work in order to make it. I’ve become a halfway decent basketball player because of it.”

As his new city embraced him, Butler promised that he would be a community leader in the Minneapolis area.

“The one thing I pride myself on is helping the cities that I love,” he said. “You will see me trying to make this city the best it can possibly be. I love my people. You are all my people, and I will be in this community to the best of my ability.” 

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