Calling Sen. Burris … Again and Again

Constituents frustrated by thwarted attempts to communicate

Illinois residents anxious to share their thoughts with newly-appointed Sen. Roland Burris are finding it's not an easy task.

Wayne Lovern, of Chatham, said he called Burris’ office in Washington five times on Tuesday and got nothing but busy signals.

To make matters worse, Burris' Web page doesn't offer an e-mail address, only an extended curriculum vitae on the 74-year-old pol.

Lovern said he ended up e-mailing Sen. Dick Durbin's office and asking them to get the message -- his opinion of the economic stimulus bill pending in the Senate -- to the junior senator.

The State Journal-Register reported that Bill Franklin, of Springfield, also wanted to tell Burris how he should vote on the economic stimulus package but couldn’t get through to anyone.

“I thought it was silly that a U.S. senator couldn’t get his e-mail up and running within days of taking office,” Franklin said.

Burris’ chief of staff, Darrel Thompson, said the office is doing the best they can to keep up with a high volume of calls.

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