Caitlyn Jenner

‘I Thought I Was So Clever': Caitlyn Jenner Tells Story About Being Caught Trying on Daughter's Clothing

Caitlyn Jenner revealed stories about her life prior to her coming out as a woman in a speech for a local LGBTQ organization.

Jenner served as the keynote speaker at The Chicago House’s seventh annual speaker series luncheon in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago. The organization provides housing for the LGBTQ community and those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The former Olympian and the subject of the E! series "I Am Cait” explained how she was once caught by technology.

"I thought I was so clever, so cute and technology got me one time," Jenner said.

She explained that two of her daughters were quarreling because one thought the other was stealing her clothes. To find out who was responsible for taking the clothing, a camera was installed – unbeknownst to Caitlyn.

“Everybody's gone, I’ve got like three or four hours, let’s try on a few things, and all of the sudden the kids come home and I hear this big commotion going on in the other room,” Jenner said.

She also told a story about how she had her nails polished while she was in Malibu. She tried to avoid paparazzi, fearing that they would photograph her hands. 

She said she only took out her pinkie to open a car door while making a trip.

"Next day, Daily Mail there's that pinkie," Jenner said. "They got it."

The speaker series has hosted prominent and well-known individuals in the past as well, including President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, actress Whoopi Goldberg and Hillary Clinton.

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