Cafe 5: The Lunatic Burger

In this segment of "Dishing With Chicago Chefs," Chef Jessica Nowicki shares with us her recipe for the delicious Lunatic Burger.

Nowicki, of the Lunatic, The Lover & The Poet, shared the recipe as part of the Hamburger Hop coming up in Chicago.

Presented by Buckhead Pride® and Blue Moon Brewing Co., the Hamburger Hop

Presented by Buckhead Pride® and Blue Moon Brewing Co., the Hamburger Hop, dubbed an "all-out burger bonanza," takes place Sept. 22 at the Harris Theater rooftop as part of Chicago Gourmet. Tickets are available here.

The Lunatic Burger


8 ounces Buckhead dry-aged beef, seasoned both sides with salt and pepper

1 4” brioche bun, toasted

2 slices red barn cheddar cheese

4 slices housemade pickles

2 tablespoons caramelized onions

4 tablespoons housemade garlic aioli (roasted garlic, egg yolks, lemon salt and oil)

1-2 ounces of iceberg lettuce

2 slices mighty vine tomatoes tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper


1 Slice pickles, tomatoes and have all ready to assemble

2 Pre-heat grill to medium high setting. Use cold butter to pre-season the grill grates so that the meat does not stick when cooking.

3 Place beef patty on grill and cook to desired temperature

4 Place slices of white cheddar cheese over beef patty, allow to melt.

5 Start building the burger in the order that you choose. I build mine as follows: Bottom bun, 2 tablespoons of aioli, iceberg lettuce, beef patty with cheese, pickles, caramelized onions, aioli smeared on top bun, top bun to finish.

6 Serve!

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