Cafe 5: House Guacamole With Chef Diana Davila Boldin

In this segment of “Café 5” Chef Diana Dávila Boldin from Mi Tocaya Antojería showcases her specialty house guacamole.

She’ll be at Chicago Gourmet on Sept. 24 for a cooking demonstration entitled Mexico’s Famous Milpas, where she’ll share her expertise surrounding Mexican cuisine.

Mi Tocaya Antojería was just named one of Bon Appétit’s Top 50 restaurants in America. Bon Appétit, the title sponsor of Chicago Gourmet, alongside presenting sponsor Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, also just named Chicago the 2017 Restaurant City of the Year, celebrating the city’s thriving and innovative food scene.

Sunday tickets to the Chicago Gourmet Main Event are still available here!



4 avocados (smashed)

3 limes (juice and zest)

1 oz garlic

2 oz serrano pepper

roasted garlic oil (to taste)

salt (to taste)


Muddle the garlic, lime, serrano and salt in a lava rock mortar and pestle until a paste is created.

Mix the paste into your smashed avocado

Garnish with chili ash (optional) *this is the way it’s served at the restaurant

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