Cafe 5: Chicago Chef Shares Unique Take on Chili Recipe

Ahead of the gourmet chili cook-off at Chicago Gourmet, Diana Davila, executive chef and owner of Mi Tocaya Antojeria, stopped by to show off her unique take on chili recipes. 

The star-studded chili competition set for Sept. 28 will bring some of the city's biggest chefs together to see "whose creation will reign supreme." 

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Chiles Rellenos Recipe 

Sauce Ingredients

• 10 tomatoes, diced (whatever is in season; should be full-size, e.g. no cherry/grape tomatoes)

• 1 tsp Chile de árbol, toasted

• Salt 


1. In a bowl, season tomatoes and Chile de árbol with salt

2. Using your hands, mash them until the skins soften and break apart

3. Let sit overnight

1. In a pot over low heat, cook until the mixture is reduced by 15%

2. Purée in food processor or blender 

Chiles Ingredients

• 1 oz garlic, minced

• 1 onion, diced

• 5 oz squash blossom, diced

• 1 lb shredded cheese

• 8 fresh, full-size chiles of your choice


1. Sauté garlic, onion and squash blossoms with sunflower oil in a pan over medium heat until softened

2. Let cool

3. Cut a slit in one side of each pepper and remove seeds (keep the stems)

4. Stuff chiles with garlic, onion, squash blossoms and shredded cheese

5. Wrap in aluminum foil and grill for roughly 10 minutes (or until the chiles are hot and cheese is melted)

6. Remove from heat, top with sauce and cilantro (or herbs of your choice)

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