Cafe 5: A Hopping Burger Recipe from Iconic Chicago Chef

In this segment of Cafe 5, Chef Tony Priolo, executive chef of Maillard Tavern, Piccolo Sogno and Nonnina, shows off his Maillard Burger.

The burger is one he plans to use as he looks for a big win at Chicago Gourmet’s Hamburger Hop in Septemeber. 

The event, presented by Buckhead Meat Chicago and Blue Moon, takes place at the Harris Theater Rooftop on Sept. 28 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Tickets for Hamburger Hop are currently available for $125 each and can be purchased here.

Maillard Burger Recipe

Maillard burger

potato bun

2- 4 oz Buckhead Meat patties

2 oz bacon jam (caramelized onions, bacon, red wine vinegar, maple syrup)

Dijon mayo

Fried onions (sliced onions tossed in corn starch and fried)

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