Business Leaders Urge Kirk to Back Immigration

Former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar and local business leaders want Sen. Mark Kirk to get on board with immigration reform.

A group of CEOs wrote a letter urging Illinois' congressional delegation to back a measure that would overhaul immigration. However, signers acknowledge they were specifically targeting Kirk.

“I hope dearly that they will hear the voice of business large and small and do what is right," Former Exelon CEO John Rowe said. "I thank Senator Durbin for his leadership and hope that Senator Kirk will soon join him on the front lines in the push for common sense immigration reform.”

The group says the immigration reform law coming before the U.S. Senate would boost Illinois' economy and could help win over Hispanic voters in the next election.

“Common sense immigration reform is economically sound, politically smart, morally right and more urgent than ever,” Edgar said. “I am looking to our two Illinois senators to take the lead on pushing forward bipartisan immigration legislation that protects both Illinois’ competitiveness and its communities.”

Kirk says he is reviewing the bill.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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