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VIDEO: Schoolgirl Gang Brutally Beats Teen

Bogan students say their repeatedly terrorized by "Lady Mob"



    Cell Phone Video: Sophomore Attacked on CTA Bus

    Satiya McBee said she's been repeatedly terrorized by other students in and around her school. (Published Wednesday, April 14, 2010)

    A gang of schoolgirls beat a sophomore girl so brutally this week that the victim's hair was ripped from her scalp -- but parents allege the victim's school is doing little to address the recurring violence.

    Satiya McBee, a sophomore at  Bogan High School, says she was savagely attacked and overpowered by a group of her fellow schoolgirls on a CTA bus on Monday. Her hair was ripped from her head when the girls tried to drag her off the bus.

    A cell phone video taken during Monday's attack shows McBee being repeatedly punched and kicked by several young girls while onlookers screamed.

    "Nobody did nothing about it," said McBee, who says she's still in pain and has had difficulty sleeping. "It hurt real bad. I can't hardly chew right. Can't hardly eat. How they was pulling my hair like they wanted my hair to be all out."

    The attack is part of a pattern of violence at the school says McBee, her grandparents, and concerned parents.

    "It's sad. I hate it, not only because of my daughter, but for lots of more children being victimized like this by students on buses and at school," said McBee's grandfather, D.W. McBee, who along with other girls and their parents sought a meeting with Bogan High School principal Kenneth McNeal about what they say is an unacceptable level of student on student violence.

    McNeal did not comment on the incident and is referring all calls to the Chicago Public Schools.

    CPS spokeswoman Monique Bond said the agency is looking into the allegations. The CTA said it has also launched an investigation.

    Parents aren't satisfied.

    "They fight in the school. Not just on the bus.  They fight in the school," said mother Sheronda Nicholson, who said she's repeatedly gone to the principal and the school board with little progress. "They fight outside the school.  They fight on the bus home from school.  They fight on the bus to school.  They go up to the girls' jobs and everything."

    Nicholson says the attackers, a group of about 30 girls who call themselves the "Lady Mob," continually pick fights with other students.

    A search online reveals several videos of fights that appear to be from Bogan.

    "I'm a regular parent up here because I care about my child's education," said Nicholson. "You can't even talk to the principal.  Any time you try to tell him -- I tried to show him the video.  He told me because it didn't happen at the school, he doesn't want to see it."

    Students fear for their safety as well.

    "We come to school every day.  It's always the same stuff every day.  It never fails.  If it ain't one thing, it's another," said student Crystal McRay.