Burglar Points Gun at Security Camera During North Side Break-In

Harrowing security video captured the chilling moment when a bold burglar walked calmly up exterior stair--then from out of frame points a gun directly at the camera.

It happened in the 3000 block of North Kenmore about 4 a.m. Thursday. The family--not comfortable speaking on camera shared the video to warn others.

“I came here because it’s a college town, young adults with families, assume its’ a safe area but people move here from the suburbs and then I think a lot of people are unaware of the rising crime in the area,” said neighbor Adamn Bruinies.

Brunees has lived here for two years but has recently taken to reading crime blogs to keep up to date on neighborhood happenings.

“It sounds like an escalation from criminals," Bruinies. "I mean robberies in broad daylight are certainly scary but if they’re coming in the safety of your own home that’s even more alarming.”

Police say the armed burglar broke into the home and took car keys before stealing the family’s 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

Sot val yachik - 15-year resident 07:05 “I’m surprised it went on in this neighborhood," said Val Yachik, a 15-year resident. "You think that sometimes people just walk around looking for a garage that is open to take advantage of it but somebody - just to enter with a gun is taking it a step to far.”

It was at least the second armed burglary in the area in less than a week.

On Monday just a few blocks away a Lincoln Park man woke up to an intruder. He was robbed at gunpoint before the suspect fled.

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