Bulls VP John Paxson to Undergo Minor Heart Procedure

Paxson returned to Chicago Friday for a "planned" medical procedure

Sixers coach Doug Collins opened a victorious post-game press conference Sunday by expressing his thoughts and prayers for Bulls Vice President John Paxson, who he said was having a minor heart procedure. 

The Bulls confirmed Paxson returned home to Chicago after Friday's Game 3 loss for a "planned" medical procedure related to his heart. 

"It is nothing major, must a minor procedure that was planned months ago," said Tim Hallam, Bulls senior director of public and media relations, with Paxson on the phone.

The last thing Paxson wants is to be the story while his Bulls lost three straight playoff games.

Paxson had a similar procedure done a few years back for an arrhythmia issue and is going back for some "tweaking," according to Hallsm. 

The procedure will be done early this week, and Paxson does not expect any complications.

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