Build-a-Bear Hosts Pay Your Age Day on July 12

Build-A-Bear is synonymous with childhood, according to the company's president.

Build-A-Bear Workshops in the U.S., U.K. and Canada will host a Pay Your Age Day at their shops on Thursday, July 12. It will be the first event of its type in which customers can do just as the event name suggests, pay their age number for one of the many popular furry friends.

The company said no one will pay more than $29 for a bear on the special date—regardless if the purchaser is in their 30's or older. 

On Monday, the official Build-A-Bear Twitter account sent out a tweet that confirmed rumors of the Pay Your Age Day, and announced, “For one day only, you can pay your age for ANY, we repeat, ANY furry friend at the Workshop!”

The day-long event will serve to kickoff a larger, year-round celebration of birthdays in which those who are 14 or younger can receive a "Count Your Candles" invite. With the invite, on the month of their birthday, young members can pay their age for a special Birthday Treat Bear (valued at $14).

"We have overwhelming data that indicates Build-A-Bear is synonymous with childhood, and nearly one-third of our sales are associated with birthdays," said president and chief executive officer of Build-A-Bear-Workshop Sharon Price John.

While the deal is exclusive to Bonus Club members, it is free to join so virtually anyone can become a member quickly. To enroll, visitors will have to provide their name and a valid email address.

Chicago area Build-A-Bear shops include the 835 N. Michigan Ave. location and the Navy Pier location at 700 E. Grand Ave.

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