Caught on Cam: Man Takes Package From Bucktown Building

Ray Krauze expected a new credit card to be delivered to his Bucktown home on Friday, but when he got back from work—the package wasn’t in the lobby.

“Give the number of breaking and petty crime that’s been going on in the Bucktown area lately, I instantly thought it was stolen,” Krauze said.

His surveillance video footage confirmed his fears. It shows a man wearing a yellow vest walking into the building at about 2 p.m. Friday shortly after the card was delivered.

Krauze says another camera in the innter lobby recorded the man rummaging through packages and stuffing items into his pocets.

“I felt violated that someone had come into our building and kind of walked around and inspected packages and stole the content of those packages,” Krause said. “And it made me really mad.”

A paackage reported stolen from another building in nearby Wicker Park was emptied and left in Krauze’s lobby.

He said his credit card was used at the Cicero Target about two hours after it was taken. The theft has he—and others—thinking twice about home delivery.

“We got a text saying one of our packages got stolen from our front stairecase,” said Anna Cerniglia. “It’s kinda scary because I’m not home a lot and we tell our mail lady to leave our packages—now we don’t know if we should.”

Krauze says that raising awareness about the thefts is key.

“I hope that this story gets the word out and other people are careful,” he said.

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