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Two Women Sharing Brown's Chicken Reward Money

Palatine Councilman collected nearly $100,000 since 1993 massacre



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    The site of the former Brown's Chicken restaurant.

    A member of the Palatine City Council says the former girlfriend of one of the two convicted Brown's Chicken and Pasta killers has received half of the nearly $100,000 reward money collected since the 1993 massacre.

    Palatine Councilman Jack Wagner said Tuesday that Anne English, who finally stepped forward with her secret, leading to Juan Luna's and James Degorski's arrest in 2002, received her share of the money last week.

    English is sharing the reward with her friend, Melissa Oberle, who reportedly coaxed English into contacting authorities and who made the initial phone call to police.

    Formerly Anne Lockett, she testified last September that Degorski told her to watch television news reports the day of the murder because he "had done something big."

    Wagner started the fund after the seven victims were discovered in the Palatine restaurant in Jan. 1993.

    Luna was convicted in 2007, and a jury found Degorski guilty of the mass murder in October.