Brown Water in Lake Station Cause by Mineral Buildup, is Safe to Drink, Officials Say

A small setback reared its head Thursday for workers trying fix a water problem in Lake Station, Indiana.

Overnight a driver ran into a power pole. The crash put a temporary hold on work being done to flush out fire hydrants.

"Because of this, we lost power to our ground water storage tank," Adrian Vera, superintendent of public works in Lake Station, said. "Losing power to a few lift stations, all our guys had to get off what they were doing and attend to that.

Some residents says they’ve had water that looks more like tea flowing through their homes for months.

"It was like real dark brown," resident Nacho Barrera said. "Never drink it from here."

Public works officials say the brown colored water is caused by a buildup of minerals.

While the water is not pleasant to look at, officials maintain it’s safe to drink.

Nacho barrera says the hydrant near his home was recently flushed. He says his brown water is now running clear for the first time in weeks.

"It's much better," he said. "And I hope it stays like that."

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